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Two Paths towards Peace (with James Child)
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Upstream-Downstream Issues in Environmental Ethics
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We Never Aimed for Blight
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Our Greener Ways


  1. Mentored Santa Clara University Environmental Studies faculty, 1999-2000, concerning incorporation of ethics into their research, working acknowledged in scholarship by Chad Raphael (communications) and Nancy Unger (environmental history), among others.
  2. Taught 2003 seminar for the Olander Parks of Sylvania, Ohio, on the principles and ethics of ecological restoration.
  3. Taught 2004 Bowling Green State University Environmental Policy capstone seminar in which students collaborated on a report to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities regarding prospects for further wind development (beyond the first four utility-scale wind turbine in the state of Ohio, erected in 2003 and 2004).
  4. Facilitated the teaching of six other capstone courses in which students created similar reports and background for various BGSU administrators who used these reports to undertake specific sustainability initiatives. Such capstone courses are now regularly conducted, with research and reports requested not only from BGSU administrators but also from regional public officials.
  5. Facilitated partnership between Bowling Green State University and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities to install 31 kilowatts of photovoltaics (PV) on top of the ice arena roof on September 14, 2004. I then oversaw an Ohio Department of Development grant for the expansion of the array.
  6. Co-produced “Wind Power: Coming at Age in Ohio” with Denise Kisabeth, at WBGU-TV (PBS) and broadcast by WBGU-TV and other Ohio public television stations (2006), with financial assistance from the Ohio Department of Development.
  7. Arranged and oversaw research conducted by BGSU Electric Vehicle Institute to test beta version monitoring and integration technology installed on behalf of the Electric Power Research Institute (2006-2007).
  8. Advised National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on ethical questions worthy of research regarding remediation of oil spills. (2007) (This resulted in the first ethics research ever funded by NOAA.)
  9. Board member and immediate past president of Green Energy Ohio, an educational not-for-profit. Out of that expertise, I have networks and contracts through which I consult with mainly with Ohio-based businesses and public entities about energy conservation and renewable energy.(2003 - ).
  10. Facilitated collaboration between university and community to improve city gateways and consolidate visitor information (2011 – 2013).
  11. Collaborating with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the Alternative Fuel Institute, on the establishment of crops for making electricity and jet fuel, without diminishing food crop yields. (2011 - )
  12. Collaborating with regional church leaders on improving the efficacy of lay leaders in local churches. (2012 - )
  13. Facilitating discussions for the Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks on the future of Adirondack State Park. (2012 - )
  14. Collaborating with College of Musical Arts of Bowling Green State University, concerning visual means for augmenting the accessibility of contemporary music to performance audiences. (2012 - )
  15. Collaborating with Palmer Energy Company to improve the quality and cost of electric use through judicious use of new battery technology (2013 - )