Our Greener Ways

picture of greener ways book cover

Environmental degradation is by no means inevitable. Don Scherer recounts the moving stories of how strong-willed people have saved their homes, rebuilt their neighborhoods and protected their communities. Our Greener Ways inspires with descriptions of corporations acting out of convictions and finding the incentives that make them good environmental citizens. A decade of research reveals effective strategies environmentally concerned people and organizations have used and can continue to use to overcome fear, misunderstanding, and political opposition. Scherer illustrates how to make the connections and marshal the community resources to tackle big issues, transform our cities and create the far-flung communities to engage the full complexity of contemporary environmental problems. Robert Hood has created the CD-ROM for Our Greener Ways. This CD invites participation in a virtual community of environmental concern. Our Greener Ways provides the substance of hopes for creating the environments in which we can all be pleased to dwell. Jordon Lindberg wrote the Preface.

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